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As your innovative technology expert, audio CC offers you a tool that aids in creating sophisticated media plans. Utilizing an artificial intelligence, it only takes a few minutes to develop and personalize your radio advertising campaign. Thereby, our platform provides a way to book campaigns automatically and customize them in real time, while guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your specific preferences.

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The planning and booking platform of the future

  • Benefits for advertisers

    As advertising company you benefit from our platform through a significantly optimized planning process and more efficient use of your budget.

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  • Benefits for media agencies

    As media agency you save up to 80 % of your time developing and creating radio media plans. On top of that, we guarantee the best possible outcome.

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  • Benefits for radio stations

    Our software provides your radio station with a new digital sales channel. Since this solution will automatically integrate your station in media plans of different advertisers, you will benefit from growing revenues.

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Your tool to plan radio and online audio advertising

AdPerform was developed exclusively for auditory broadcasting and offers a quick and easy way to optimize your radio advertising. Easily book and adjust your campaigns in real time, while our AI utilizes Big Data to maximize effectiveness.

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Your marketplace for radio advertising

AdOptimize is your direct link from radio station or internet radio to the planning software of the agencies and advertising companies. This automatization of offer and task management increases profits significantly by simplifying the process of directly booking your radio stations.

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Your tool to issue and customize radio spots in real time

AdBreak is an ad-server for audio broadcasters which offers the option to integrate customizable advertising in your programme. This gives radio stations the framework to participate in a programmatic advertising market.

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