First programmatic radio campaign on air

November 16, 2017

Apollo-Optik cooperates with Mediaplus and audio CC to broadcast the very first programmatic radio campaign in traditional radio


Munich & Düsseldorf, 11/16/17

Programmatic advertising is the process by which a campaign is continuously optimized by using real time data and enabling unrestricted information flow in between devices. This principle is by currently the biggest change driver in the media market.

So far, programmatic advertising has, due to its vastness, only been commonplace in exclusively digital broadcasting means. Just recently, Apollo-Optik has issued the very first programmatic advertising campaign in traditional radio. Thereby, the advertiser was supported by the radio sales house Mediaplus and technology provided by audio CC.

According to Vanessa Haubitz, unit director at Mediaplus, the goal is to adapt the media pressure for all subsidiaries according to their respective needs through enabling real time customization of the advertising mix. For that matter, audio CC and Mediaplus have cooperated to develop revolutionary campaign concepts to ensure a frictionless process.

Different to the traditional model of spot booking and allocation at specific times and dates, the new approach sets period and intensity of a campaign in which spots can be allocated freely.

Vanessa Haubitz concluded that this new approach is tailored towards directing traffic towards those locations that are momentarily underrepresented in the number of visitors.

To enable this feature, the software solution of audio CC analyzes the number of visitors of every single Apollo subsidiary. “The data is produced by frequency scanners at the entrances of every location”, so Matthias Mroczkowski, the manager of audio CC.

Should the data indicate that certain subsidiaries have a lower-than-average customer count, so will the system automatically adapt and shift spots to the respective local radio stations in real time.

To allow for the real time adaption of radio spots, audio CC supplies the agency with their software solution AdPerform, which acts as a special DSP for radio advertising, and enables real time booking and customization. Prior to this, the radio stations have to be integrated in the system. For that matter, audio CC offers services to install and maintain the software at the radio stations, to also enable programmatic advertising for them, too.

Apollo-Optik’s marketing director for supply chain stated about the initialization of the campaign that programmatic campaigns hold enormous potential to increase traffic to specific subsidiaries in real time.

Participants of the campaign are several radio stations of The Radio Group in Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as 56 internet radio stations. The venture started last week and will continue for the entirety of November.


About audio CC

audio CC was established about two years ago and originated from the IT-department of the sales house audimark. The two companies operate in close cooperation and are situated under the same roof. From their location in Düsseldorf, the team started off in developing ad server technology in the sector of internet radio, but transitioned towards creating a compelling software solution for the entire radio market. From that point on, audio CC claims its independent position on the market to, through its expertise, enable easy access to programmatic advertising.


About Mediaplus

Mediaplus Group employs more than 1,500 employees in 33 countries, and is therewith the biggest independent media agency governed in a partnership in Europe. The company combines classic media planning with their know-how of digital advertising means, geo-media, CRM, research and neuromarketing.


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