more Marketing trusts in technology by audio CC

November 9, 2017

more Marketing prepares for the future by expanding its roster through programmatic advertising by partnering with audio CC


Hamburg & Düsseldorf, 11/9/17

The radio sales house more Marketing, handling the marketing affords of the radio station Radio Hamburg, HAMBURG ZWEI and Antenne 1, now trusts in the technology provided by the IT-experts of audio CC.

Recently, more Marketing kicked off this cooperation by using the planning software AdPerform. The tool allows for generating many thousands of media plans within seconds, and a way of selecting the most fitting ones through utilizing an artificial intelligence. The software carefully incorporates all input regarding budget and media goals, customizing the planning process, and therewith, selects the most fitting media plan. Eventually, the software enables the media consultants of the sales house, to advise its customers even more reliably.

Patrick Bernstein, the manager of more Marketing, stated that the company aspires to also prevail over the competition in consulting activities, to fit their role as market leader of the radio market in Hamburg. The new software would enable better planning options to eventually increase the specific ROI of all generated radio campaigns.

Until the end of the current year, more Marketing plans on having integrated the provided technology to a degree that allows for planning programmatic campaigns regionally for the stations Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI. The solution by audio CC will then enable instantaneous spot booking and allocation to, for example, react to unexpected demand fluctuations. For that matter, the software analyzes real time data, adapts the campaign specifications within seconds, and brings the spots on air directly.

According to Patrick Bernstein, radio in general is capable of reaching around 80 % of the German population. If this potential is paired with the technological means of the contemporary time, it is possible for more Marketing to react “lightning fast” to certain situations and therewith provide a significant added value to their offers.


About audio CC

audio CC was established about two years ago and originated from the IT-department of the sales house audimark. The two companies operate in close cooperation and are situated under the same roof. From their location in Düsseldorf, the team started off in developing ad server technology in the sector of internet radio, but transitioned towards creating a compelling software solution for the entire radio market. From that point on, audio CC claims its independent position on the market to, through its expertise, enable easy access to programmatic advertising.


About more Marketing

Established in 1999, the marketing and planning company more Marketing GmbH & Co. KG is traditionally responsible for the radio companies Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI. However, the organization also handles the planning and marketing process audio and online advertising campaigns across several media and for the entire region of Hamburg. Furthermore, more Marketing provides expertise in analyzing consumption behavior and advertising impact for small and medium size retailers, as well as content management in social media.


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Matthias Mroczkowski

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Martina Müller

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