Access the programmatic advertising market

Programmatic advertising planning requires the ability to rearrange campaigns in real time. Only then can the integration of large data sets and a change in targeting characteristics influence the efficiency of your advertising activities.

Manually booking advertising spots and being only able to customize the campaign going through multiple steps and numerous institutions does no longer suffice to keep up with the fast pace of the market. To participate in programmatic advertising, the companies will have to adapt to an automated solution.

AdBreak is our approach to an ad server that does exactly that. The program connects to the SSP of the radio stations (for example AdOptimize) and will automatically receive the relevant data to integrate the campaign specifications into the radio program. AdBreak replaces the manual allocation process altogether, streamlining the process throughout the entire industry.

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  • Framework for a programmatic advertising market

    Through the automation of spot allocation in real time, you can put your company on the leading edge of the programmatic advertising market.

  • Easier spot allocation

    Automatic allocation of advertising spots from different sources including various SSPs, your sales houses and your own acquisitions, allow for better usage of internal resources.

  • Maximum connectivity

    If you choose for AdBreak not to replace the traditional spot allocation entirely, so will the tool greatly synergize with your current systems and still enables you to use most of its programmatic features.

  • Full control

    Even though AdBreak governs the entire process of spot allocation from start to finish, you have full control over the implementation.

AdBreak features

  • Customization of advertising spots even shortly before broadcasting
  • Integration into current allocation processes
  • Compliance with programmatic provisions
  • Normalization of advertising spots

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