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The process of manually planning a radio campaign has been immensely time-intensive. Therefore, having advertisers book spots directly at a desired radio station is quite uncommon and is often substituted through the purchase of spot combinations which, while often cheaper than the sum of their spots, do not allow for specific regional targeting.

Through AdOptimize, the radio stations can directly connect to the planning tool of the respective agencies and advertisers, substantially easing the process of manually planning a campaign. This is a huge upside for radio stations to strengthen their position in the market through direct sales!

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  • New sales channel

    Besides the usual combination marketing of radio spots, you can now market your spots directly to your customers without having to go through agencies.

  • More efficient spot planning

    Through optimized, automatic spot allocation you can reserve time more efficiently and even fill empty spots shortly before broadcasting to gain an advantage over your competition.

  • Flexible prices

    AdOptimize allows for short-term changes in spot prices. The dynamic system allows for and quick reactions to demand changes.

AdOptimize features

  • Single spot marketing through a direct connection to customers
  • Setting specific pricing strategies through yield management
  • Maintain specific pricing conditions through deal management
  • Inventory overview and administration

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