Maximum efficiency for your radio campaign

Until now, planning audio campaigns has been immensely time-consuming and the hard work often reached insufficient results. Therewith, the ideal allocation of your budget was the exception.

AdPerform is a planning tool that utilizes an artificial intelligence to significantly aid in the process of planning your campaign. With only a few clicks you can set parameters, for the software to develop thousands of advertising campaigns from which it automatically selects the ideal candidates.

As a user, you have the option to customize the planning process through numerous options, in setting minimum requirements for the program to translate into an optimal result.

Additionally, you can incorporate data from various sources, like weather information, to programmatically customize your campaigns in real time.

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  • Best result

    AdPerform is capable of utilizing various databases to simultaneously compare thousands of options in your radio advertising planning. In every test, the program has generated significantly better results compared to their manually created counterparts.

  • Best possible cost-benefit-ratio

    Through AdPerform, you gain the option to choose from new, innovative pricing models, such as spot auctions, to gain the best cost-benefit-ratio.

  • Innovative campaign ideas

    AdPerform can develop entirely new advertising campaign concepts. This is realized by using real time data to customize content even shortly before broadcasting.

AdPerform features

  • Extensive planning tool for audio advertising in traditional and internet radio programmes
  • Supported by an artificial intelligence
  • Calculation of many thousands of plans in only a few minutes
  • Automated retrieval of payment conditions at participating radio stations
  • Automated booking of campaigns
  • Real time booking by using extensive data sets

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